Meetings of the 'Knights of Excalibur'

This is place where you can find Announcements and News concerning the guild. Das ist der Platz wo Du Ankündigungen und News der Gilde lesen kannst.
Last update: 20.09.2002



Knights of Excalibur
2002.09.12 Co-GM leaves
The Co-Founder of the guild - HeaLer - leaves after internal problems the guild. HeaLer can be contacted still for website-purposes and can be found here.
2002.03.13 Guild-Foundation
We are proud to announce the founding of a new guild on Lanceot: the Knights of Excalibur (KoE). A group of players joined their forces after some dark moments in the guild 'Guardian Knights of the Grail'. The believe in free speech and sharing fun in a DAoC-community is strong in us and therefor we invite every free spirit to join our ranks who feels the same.


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