KoE Structure

Here is now the structure of the Knights of Excalibur. Meet the teams and look upon their work. If you are interested in joining one of the teams please contact the OIC (=Officer in charge).


(contact via eMail)
(contact via eMail)
Gear-BANK RvR Welcome Hunt Powerleveling Quest Crafters Promotion Task-force
Bizarch Gilthan Desertrose Clarec Tucc Rorie Adwiali Cyrcyn ---
Members of the 'Knights of the Grail'
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Job Organize everything in the gear-bank. They make sure that the vault page is up to date. They make sure that all will be updated on the vault-site what each one of the bankers has in its mule.
OIC Bizarch (contact via eMail)
Officers Torture,Cyrcyn, Gydry

Job Working on alliances and doing guild-RvR at least 1-2 a week. It is their job to make sure that once we get a certain amount of GPB's <ex:5000-7000> and once we get a keep when we're ready that it doesn't go below <ex:3000> so that we will not lose our keep. With all these teams going RvR we should be safe.
OIC Gilthan (contact via eMail)

Haytor (contact via eMail) Incharge of making teams of people for each rvr realm. Ex: high lvl, and the 3 BGs. These teams will go rvr 1-2 a week to collect GBP's for the guild. They can either go in a group on a certain day or can go solo <if RL can't allow them to meet the group> This way no matter what they should be able to go RvRing. People chosen in this team must love RvR and are willing to go RvR 1-2 a week solo or with RvR GBP Team. Gilthan & Haytor's


Job To make sure everyone in guid knows all our guild teams, what the teams do,welcome new members, tell them to register at site/check site daily or 1-3 a week and find out any members left guild and try to bring them back.
OIC Desertrose (contact via eMail)

Job Its their job to make guild hunts once a week to make money for the guild-bank (e.g. to fund a guild-house when it is available). A specific group of guys that will all hunt on a certain day <Solo or with the team and give all money collected to the guild-fund this would be aside from Guild Hunt>. Also if someone needs to get a drop but needs help to recover it the Hunt-Team will assist him/her.
OIC Clarec (contact via eMail)

Powerleveling (PL)
Job We have decided so that people to not abuse this team and expect to be PL all the time, that we will come up with certain prices for each lvl. ex: lvl 1-10 pay 20s. 11-20 pay 1g etc. <Prices not determined yet>. Each time they want to be PL the money will go to guild-fund. Make a PL day. 1-2 a week.
OIC Tucc (contact via eMail)

Job Its their job to help people with their quests and to accompany them if they need back up for a quest because a mob of 2-4 will attack all at once and they can not do the quest solo. They will post a message on the webboard to arrange a day and time when they will be able to help you with your quest.
OIC Rorie (contact via eMail)

Job It is their job to update the Crafters-page. Maybe later they chose crafters for each craft lvl 600-700 and have them craft things to non guildies and charge 20-30% more than cost and split the earnings for Guild house fund. That is just and idea for now. Cost of craft item made by a guild crafter for a guild member is always the cost to buy materials. After the guild-fund isn't needed anymore for a house then some money can be used to raise crafters.
OIC Adwiali (contact via eMail)

Job It is their job to make sure that everyone is promoted according to their level. They will call on a regular base for guildies who want to meet and get promoted.
OIC Cyrcyn (contact via eMail)


1) Collect money and gear donations from guildies and give to bank team. Each time you log on. Before you go and level or do some RvR. Announce in guild chat that you are on and will be collecting donations. Once this is done then you can go about our normal activities.
2) PL people that ask to be PLed when you are free <but recieve payment for guild-fund> You are not part of the PL team. You are an extra PL team because PL-team will be only held 1-2 a week. Officers will do this any day/time you are free and someone wants to be PLed. Do this for 30min-2 hours.
3) Go RvR 1-2 a week on your own time to help RvR team with GBP's.

If you think that you would like to dedicate your time more to one team alone then please contact the OIC of this team and at least one of the GMs. Additionally these officers are on trail and have now time to prove themselves and to take a deeper look into the work of an officer and the duties. Therefore engagement, ideas and willingness to do work without a direct order will be valued highly.


Torture, Brismark, Tebrilinde, Ararcyn, Graedragon, Bromir, Gydry


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