An alliance in DAoC is a very important thing. It collects the strenght of the strong ones and reduces the collective weaknesses in favour of the same target. The Knights of Excalibur are the alliance-leaders of a hopefully ever growing alliance. Long life the alliance.
Last update: 26.7.2002

Recruitment requirments
As a minimum: 10 active guildmembers of level 40+
Guilds with several level 50s preferred

Alliance rules
  • Most of the level 40+ have to respond to an attack on a relic (sure - there are causes why you don't but we notice who will not come and don't try to be deaf several times ..)
  • Response to an attack on an alliance keep not required, but greatly appreciated. Do for us, and we'll also do to you.

Use of alliance chat should be restricted to allinace business and lfg calls. Examples, word of hib/mid movements, keeps under attack, help requested in a specific spot, plans for rvr, preping alliance hunts (dartmoor, barfog, df). LFG calls okay if kept brief. Request that replies go through private messages (maybe a bit too strict?)
We ask that guild officers police their own guildmembers. Any issue with a guildmember is to be taken up with the appropriate guild's officer. If the issue is repeated and not dealt with by the guild in question, at our option we can remove the guild (I dont think we can squelch guilds)
Use of /as should not be given to rank 9. Not really possible to select a specific rank as differnet guilds use them differently. Use their best judgement. We propose you set it to speak-allowance for all members above level 40 and read-allowance for all.

Purpose of the alliance
  • Primarily, the defense of Albion.
  • Secondary: attacks on Mid and Hib, and epic level hunts among alliance members.
  • ny guild may plan an activity. Just ask that they check out the board so activities arent planned at the same time.


Knights of Excalibur
Red Dragons of Death
The Dragon Hearts of Life

Does the alliance have a board?

I'm a GM of a guild/clan which meats the requirements. How can I contact you?

There are several ways:

  • Contact Reigning, Hea Ler or Dregen - the GMs (The Triad) of KoE - ingame.
  • Send an eMail to or



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