Hail and well met.
This is the crafters list of the Knights of Excalibur (Lancelot). Guildmembers are invited to browse through and contact one of the following persons if they are in need of anything: Dregen.
If you have questions please contact the webmaster.


Knights of Excalibur
Welcome to the "Knights of Excalibur" Crafter's Page. Here is the list of the Guilds Main Crafters and also a list of all the crafters in the guild. If u need anything either email one of our crafters, message them online or leave a post here and someone will get back to you. If you wish to be a crafter for the guild, then please post a message on the Guild Forum and I will add you to the list. All crafters must sell at cost <the price to buy materials inorder to make the item> to all guild members. This price is way cheaper than buying from any NPC. If u sell something to a non guild member you should be charging 20-30% more than the cost of materials. Additionally the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the crafters-team is Adwiali. Contact him in case of questions and necessary changes.

Thank You

Dregen & Adwiali
Guild Master & OIC Crafters


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