Guild-Ranks & Rights

Hiya and welcome to Team GateCentral DAoC.
These are the rules and infos regarding our Guild-Ranks. Here you can learn how you qualify for higher ranks, what your duties are and what the design of the TGC guildranks look like.

When you enter the guild you are a Munifex (Initiate). You are most welcome and we hope that you will have a glorious future in the realm of Albion. There are no requirements for entering the guild, except of willing to join the Team. This is your trial period.
Your duty at this point is to to consider if you are truly willing to stay with the Team, become a valuable Teammember, integrate yourself into the community and grow within our TGC family. You are required to visit the webpage, read the info & application, read, acknowledge and follow the guild rules, understand the Team's standing point (FAQ), inform yourself about the rank system and contribute to guild activity.
Your priviledge at this point is to freely invite other players to the Team. You can also visit our guild houses and use the teleporters and crafting stations there. You have the opportunity to get to know your Teammembers over the guild chat.

-> Promotion
Once you have decided that this guild is the right one to be your home, that you can integrate and grow to be a full Teammember it is time to go for a promotion. Please make sure at this point that you fully understood the guild rules and that you agree to respect and follow them all the time.
You apply for a promotion by first posting a message on our guilds webboard. Through your post you should show your understanding about the guild life. We would also enjoy reading about your DAoC life (what chars you play where and why and for how long, etc.). Last but not least please express your personal opinion about your role within the team. (why is it TGC to be your home, what do you expect from the guild, what are you willing to give back, how do you see your future within our community).
Once you finished your posting ask a few of your fellow higher rank guildies to reply to your entry posting and sponsor you for membership. I am pretty sure you were able to make a few friends during your initiate time so it shouldn't be a problem to find a higher level Teammember to sponsor you.
After you have been sponsored you can ask for an officer ingame to evaluate your posting and sponsorship and grant you the promotion to Full Guildmember.

Side Note: You only need to follow the promotion procedure once. You can add the names of all your toons in your entry posting, and also edit the posting later to add names of new toons. An officer will then be able to check the toons name there. Each toon however will only be promoted each to its according ingame level.
Side Note 2: Although promotion rules changed from now on, we will not demote and aks everyone to redo the procedure, especially because most of you have proven trustful enough for their current guild level. We will demote however if we feel that you missed something of importance in your first promotion shoot and ask you to simply redo it according to the new procedure.

After you mastered your first promotion you will raise in guild ranks according to your ingame-levels. Our guild ranks names are based on the Roman Legion rank structure. We left out a few, but we believe that we pickt the best.

Level Guild Rank Description
0 - 9 Munifex (9) the lowest rank in a roman legion, equivalent to a private in today's armies 
10-19 Trarii (8) experienced soldiers, who used the same weapons as Hastaii, but weren't held in as high of a regard 
20-29 Hastaii (7) these were the best of the best of the legion and stood on the fornt lines in battle
30-39 Principales (6) a newly Non Comissioned Officer NCO
40-49 Optio (5) the Centurion's second in command
50 Centurion (4) an NCO in command of 100 men

At this time we expect you to grow into the Team. Group up with teammembers, exchange information about scheduled events, organize raiding parties, and assist your lower teammembers with advice.

Your duties and responsibility grows a lot after your promotion. You are the core and the heart of the team.
At this point we not only expect you to know and follow guild rules and behaviour, but also to protect and preserve the guild order. You are trusted to watch over lower level guildies and help them as far as you can. Helping does *not* means Powerleveling! (see FAQ), but - give a hand with quest or epic mobs they cannot handle, - offer infomation on how to spec or where to hunt and answer their game related questions, - donate gear which you don't need anymore (to guild vault or to an officer), - help and encourage them to group together, - ask yourself for groupmembers if you have a spot or plan on going hunting - forward raid announcements and information which you catch throughout the lands, - organize raiding parties and schedule events yourself.
The higher your guild rank, the more assistance towards lower level guildies we expect :) Especially Munifex's on their trial period need your
assistance. Monitor their behavirour, direct them to the webpage if you feel they missed it, contact an officer if you encounter problems within the guild which you cannot handle yourself.

As we trust you with responsibility, we also grant you priviledges at higher guild ranks. Trarii and Hastaii have access to the guild vault 1, and all guildranks above have access to guildvaults 1 and 2. Munifex's are required to first integrate into the team and care for a promotion before they are trusted to access guild vaults. You are free to take from the vault whatever you need for your TGC toon, but also be sure to donate back from the loot you don't need.
Alliance Chat will be available for guild levels Principales and above, unless our new /as requires something else. Please use this chat for alliance relevant and important messages (and for those only).
The (new) Level 50 Guildrank is intended as reward for achieving the best ingame playing level and is also the chance to prepare the future generation of officers. Centurions are able to read officer chat, but not write on it.At this level we assume you work towards being an excellent player in RvR as well as PvE, to be a shining example for your lower guildmembers and lead and teach them towards the big lvl.50 goal. As soon as we can afford the next guild house expansion we plan to set up a
guild vault 3 for guildrank 4 and above, with only excellent special items dedicated to the difficult to obtain but needed perfect lvl.50 equipment.

The next ranks are Officer Ranks and cannot be achieved through playing alone. It is a reward for extraordinary work for the guild and is awarded not to specific toons, but to the RL person behind the chars. The officer's work includes guild-events, forming guild groups for hunting, starting RvR guild groups, helping other members to finish their quest mobs, recruit new members. Officers always monitor guild acitivity, so they will notice particular efforts and suggest especially active members for new officer positions. So be sure to attract positive attention with your guild activities if you want to enter officer ranks. To be an officer holds much work and responsiblity, but also holds the reward of not only being part of the team, but also have the opportunity to help shape its future.

Level Guild Rank Description
Junior Officer Tribunus Angusticlavius (3) an equestrian tribune, commanded the cavalry, but could command the legion if needed
Senior Officer Praefectus Castrorum (2) the third in command of a legion
Junior Guildmaster Tribunus Laticlavius (1) the second in command of a legion
Guildmaster Legatus Legionis (0) the first in command of a legion

Officers will also be assigned special tasks and responsability areas. They will be able to choose their field of activity themselves, but they are expected to take care of it and organize whatever is necessary to keep this area of the game active within the team.

The Junior Officer rank is the entrance to the guild leadership team. From this point on you are part of the guild management. You have been suggested and supported by the officer team, so please try not to disappoint the trust they put in you. From now on you can fully access officer chat for guild business and senior officer assistance, you can contribute to guild decisions and you have a position of advice, care and supervision towards lower rank teammembers. All officer alts are required to be promoted to their main officer level to be able to monitor officer chat and handle guild business if needed. From this rank on you can set the guild message of the day /gc motd to forward announcements about raids and events held by guildies.

The Senior Officer guildrank is awarded for extraordinary officer work. These guildies are veteran player who know their way through Albion and RvR and also proved themselves with extraordinary officer work. You will qualify for this rank by approvement of the guildmaster and the other senior officers, and with successors raising to Guildrank 4 the best officers will be declared seniors. At this point you receive the power to promote and demote and you are trusted to be able to run the guild in its daily business. Everyone at this level is also a diplomat and representant of the guild.

The Junior Guildmaster are the alts of the Guildmasters and players who have proven steady loyality through good and hard times and showed their identity with the Team. These guildies are veteran player who know their way through Albion and RvR and also proved themselves with extraordinary officer work. You will qualify for this rank by approvement of the guildmaster and the other senior officers, and with successors raising to Guildrank 4 the best officers will be declared seniors. At this point you not only have the power to promote and demote, but also to remove player from the guild. Be aware that you are on the highest chain of command rank and are trusted to be able to run the guild in its daily business. Everyone at this level is also a diplomat and representant of the guild leadership.

We currently have two Guildmasters, it is a RealLife couple who is known in the guild as the Reds or the Blues. After helping in the creation and running of the Knights of Excalibur (DAoC, Lancelot), running a Merchant Guild for five years (MoT, UO, Drachenfels), and several smaller guilds in other games we are now back in DAoC. We will not take more Guildmasters in order to not add confusion and arguments within the guild leadership. We will rely on our officers advice however in guild relevant decisions and we expect from our guildies friendship, loyality, integrity, and interest in the game.