We have tried to bring together several factors in our Newssystem. Several languages, relevance to the present, optimistic layout and a variety of knowledge and experience. All these things can open this site to a huge amount of internetuser.

Pt. 1 Language Choice
You already chose your preferred language on the registration pagen. If you still would like to take a look at the news in another language, then please klick on the according flag in this row and the news will be resorted.

Pt. 2 Existance of News
Green, blinking dots show you the availability of a news respectively a tranlation of that news in the according language. Simply klick on the dot and you will be led directly to this news. Red dots notify that this news respectively the translation is not available in the according language.

Pt. 7 The L-Button
Clicking on this button allows you to translate the news in this line into your desired language.

Pt. 3 Editor
This is the Nickname of the Editor of this news. It's the name of the author, not the one of the admin that released the news to the public.
Pt. 4 Language
This flag is a symbol for the language in which a news has been submitted. You can search for available translations in the index above. (s.Pt.2)
Pt. 5 Comments
From Version 1.1 of our Newssystem it will be possible to submit comments to a news. Please consider that only registered user of GATECENTRAL.COM are allowed to comment news. (To register please klick on 'Registration' and use 'Login' to log onto the site)
Pt. 6 Print
From Version 1.1 it is possible to print a news.