Smileys are a special form of communication in the internet, which many users utilized to support their statements. Beginners are often very confused about this, but there are only a few important Smileys, which can be easily learned by the following table.


without nose :)
name of the Smiley
description of the Smiley
:-) :) happy
you are happy
:-] :] stupid grin
in a way it is funny, but you don t know it excatly...
:-D :D laughing
something is very funny or you laugh at someone
;-) or :,-) ;) laughing tears
you are happy enough to howl
:-> jester
your message is funny and everyone shall know this
;-> sarcasm
your message is sarcastic and everyone shall know it
;-) ;) blink
you made a brainy statement
:-/ perplexed
you are dissatified, confused and possibly a little bit anxious
:-P :P tongue
you put out your tongue
:-( :( sad
you are sad about something
:-< unlucky
you are totally unfortunate
:-O shocked
there is something you can t believe and you are shocked
:-* kiss
the reader gets a kiss from you
O:-) angel
you are an angel and would never write something malicious
::-) under 4 eyes
you say something under four eyes (only in emails)
8-) 8) starring
you stare on something or someone
B-) B) horn-rimmed glasses
you made an intelligent statement
#-) #) hangover
you are hangovered and not in best condition


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