What are auctions?
An auction is a place in the web where players are able to sell their goods, items and animals which they have collected during playing their favorite game. UO offers no direct possibility to sell goods via an auction and therefore players and webadmins thought of various possibilities. We have the choice between two types of auctions: the trade for UO-Gold and the trade for real money. Sometimes players organize an auction ingame but the game engine does not support this kind of event so well - grief players and disturbing people have many chances to destroy such events.

Where do I find a link?

A site mainly for the american shards.
The biggest european uo-auction-site
Auction for real money.


Online-auction - what is that?
That is a place where people sell and buy wares .. oh yes .. and it is online. *g*
To keep it simple: Person A has goods, sends a registration to an auction-site, receives login and passwort, puts the goods on a virtual desk, adds desired prices to the goods and a date when the auction expires (long auctions are not so good because many people wait until the last minutes to bid and an auction with no bids for three weeks and 100 bids in the last 10 minutes is fruitless). Person B is interested in buying something and likes your offer, places a bid and waits until the end of the auction. Person C is also interested and places a higher bid. After several rounds of bidding someone looses the interest (or lacks money) and one Person will win this auction. The main-differents to real-life-auctions is that virtual auctions go for some days.

What is important doing my first trade?
We look here at UO-trades for gold (the real-money-auctions are sometimes tricky and its easier to loose 1 mio UO-gold as 100 real US-Dollars).
After OSI introduced the checks it is much easier to do bigger trades. For example: you are interested in selling goods. Take an account at one of the auction-sites and post your items (just take a look at the rules of conduct there). Wait and hope that someone is willing to buy your items. If this happens then contact your buyer - via ICQ or eMail and try to get a time and place to meet. The buyer holds a check with the correct summ and the seller holds the items. If the items are too heavy (e.g. 10k wooden boards) then try to cut your trade into smaller potions which you are able to hold. Dropping the boards on the floor and hoping that the other pays nevertheless has been sometimes a big mistake. Then draw your items onto the buyer and wait until he puts the check (or goldpieces) also into the trade-window. Take yer time and check if the correct amounts are displayed. If you have many small items then decide to put them into a chest, crate or bag and after you putted it into the trade window double-click the container - it will open and your buyer is able to check the items directly inside the container. If you feel that everything looks fine click the button beside your name and after your partner did so too the deal is settled.

How do I know what I will find?
This is easy. Just move to an auction-page and start reading. If you look for something special then use our following gateway to uo-auction which could help you very fast in your search.

If you would like to check if a special item is just going to be sold at then you do not need to go there. Just use this fast gateway to this incredible auction-site and search for the desired item.
What do you search (e.g. armor, weapon, statue, ..)
You search this on which shard ?


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