Trammel & Felucca

The two Moons

Even the wisest scholars of Britannia were never aware of living on a moon. This knowledge occured suddently when the second moon was detected - Trammel -, which as Felucca revolves around an unknown world. The second moon can only be explored since a short time. Visitors of the two worlds, scornfully called by the inhabitants Newbies, land first on Trammel in the city of Haven and have no knowledge of Felucca.
The following lines are intended to show you how the discovery of the new moon happened - but also how you can travel from one moon to the other one.

The Contents

The background - the war
The effects
Up to the new world

.. and the story continues

The Background

In spring of the RL year of 2000 the evil ganged up - under the leadership of Minax the mage - for a great attack against the civilized regions of Britannia. One of their targets was Trinsic, which fell as vicitim to the troups of unded and their commander Jou'nar. Trinsic was robbed of all entrances and the normal life was completely brought to a halt. Powerful magicians created a gate to offer the traders and citizens to flee to the capital Britain. The state of siege lasted.

Many attacks followed in the most different cities of Britannia. During many months the defenders of the virtues became more and more tired of the continuous fights. The war seemed to turn against the king of the country Lord British. The undead in Trinsic, the orcs in Cove, the ettins in Vesper, the lizardmen and ratmen in Britain - they crawled out from their holes everywhere to attack the human inhabitants. However the rules had secretly developed a plan together with his consultants to rescue everybody. Unfortunately it was apparently impossible in between to reconquer all the regions.
Several battles raged and history reports about heroes and glorious victories. Even Trinsic could be won back. But this was only a small victory considering the length of the ongoing war.

In order to save the civilian population, Lord British held a meeting in his rooms with his Archmage Nysthul in order to find a solution. The two of them returned after a short time and had developed a virtually incredible story, but one wich would also be the last chance for the kingdom. Lösung zu finden. A new worlds, not very unlike ours - and still somehow completely different, was supposed to wait for the inhabitants of Britannia on the other side of the black sky.
Nythuls studies showed that we lived on one of two moons and gave this moon the name Felucca. The new moon should from now on be called Trammel. The latest was spared by all Minax attacks and precisely this one he wanted to connect, a thing with which he succeeded.

The Effects

Since the end of April (it was the 28.04.2000, 08:00 met on the european shards) it was finally possible to travel to the other moon - Trammel. In the old known world the events of the last combats became visible. Trees dried up, pools of blood and bones could be seen everywhere and tobstones drew the country. (Some reports of this time of war can bee looked up in the chronicles of MoT)

A once blooming country became hopeless and depressing. In contrast to this: the new lands were blooming and promising. Merely Nystul's connection spell wich enabled the new moongates seemed to make the new ground so labile that is was not possible to think of building houses at that point of time. denken war. This wood become better again assured the Archmage Nysthul..

Since the attacks on Felucca were still going on, many searched for the opportunity to flee from this horror. The special moongates of Nysthul were created in order to allow evacuation. These gates were made possible by a specific substance, the powerful moonstones.


In these days of departure it was not very easy to find the very much demanded moonstones. You needed to either pay horrendous prices or venture yourself into the wilderness in order to kill a monster. Because these carried these little treasures on them. Especially powerful undead (skeleton knights, liches, lich lords) were keeper of the moonstones in the first days. Later on they were foud also in ratmen, lizardmen, orcs and headless, which could be kiled much easier.

Yet some had the foresight to gather these stones for days in advance, while the new world was still jsut a rumor. There were guesses also about a second kind of moonstones, but those were never found.

It soon became clear what stood behind it. The moonstones that could be found in the old world were named Trammel-Moonstones, because they brought their owners to Trammel. Their counterpart - the Felucca-Moonstones - brought you to Felucca. But as many Trammel-Moonstones could be found on Felucca, there was nothing to be seen of the Felucca-Moonstones.

Even if you holded a Trammel-Moonstone in your hands, transportation to the other world was still subject to some restrictions:
Lord British issued an order which stated that moonstones could only be used outside the guarded zones. Only the owner himself and the people of his party could enter the gate. After a moonstone has been used, it disappeared without a trace in the ground.

Up to the new world

Armed with all these informations you go out to the wilderness. Since you go into a "foreign" world, which contains unknown dangers, you will equip well of course. With attention to fight and to trade - which one must take part in, the backpack is rather full.

After leaving the city (always wait for the message 'you have left the guarded area'), search for a nice place. Place the moonstone there on the floor (by doubleklicking it). It soaks into the ground just seconds later and reveals a gate. Now fast through it, because it does not remain opened for long. Member of the own party can walk through without problems as well. In case the other Facet is blocked by a solid item that would prevent the gate and the moonstone reappears on the surface.

After a short blackout you are on the other Facet. You can immediately notice the differences of the environment. Dried up treestumps become fresh trees, tombstones become usual stones. The 'hand of control' (the mousecursor ;)) changes its color from grey to a full golden shade and also shows with it the changed situation. Some other things changed too, but those are not yet to see on the first glace.




The first problem slings the traveller directly back to the beginning of his career. There you stand with your brave adventurer in this wonderful, peaceful world named Trammel. Happy to have thought of everything and brought along every imaginable piece of equipment. Once you speak the magic words Kal Ort Por, choose the first rune and already there happens - nothing. In this world, which resembles the old world a lot and in which everything is so similar, there still are a couple of fine differences. One of those are the runes. No, there is no way to bring the 'old' runes tu funcion. New worlds - new customs.

Emotionally you would probably try to run to the next vendor to buy a full runebook, but unfortunately there are no houses on Trammel (in between - middle of July 2000 - there is housing of course, but we left this paragraph in to more clearly describe the problems of the first months). The brave adventurer uses his old legs and runs to places he needs in his daily life. There - fast - marks a new rune and the recalling can continue. The public moongates prove to be very helpful to speed up the travel, but there's nothing faster than a recall scroll and the correct rune.

Good that you can find out with just one glance for which facet the rune has been marked. Dark brown for Felucca and light brown for Trammel. Alos the inscription gives information, but the color is still easier and faster to register.

And the story continues..

The story of the two monds is not over yet. We are still working on further points and will publish more. So please come along agin to have a look at new things...


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