Die Moongates von Britannia sind das mystische Fortbewegungsmittel. Die Entschlüsselung der Pfade benötigte mutige Abenteurer, welche uns das Mysterium enthüllten. Die Reihenfolge, in der die Tore zu den gewünschten Lokationen geöffnet werden, ist wie folgt. The Moongates of Britannia are the mystic means of transportation. Many courageous adventurers were needed for the deciphering of the paths. The precedence in which the gates open to the desired locations is as follows:

Britain -> Moonglow -> Magincia -> Skara Brae -> Trinsic -> Monic/Vesper -> Yew -> Jhelom ->


Wenn man einmal auf ein Moongate klickt, so wird ein Beschreibungstext angezeigt, welcher die durch den Sprung erreichbare Lokation beschreibt. Hier sind die Texte: Klicking on a moongate will bring a description of the location that can be reached at the moment. Here is the possible text:

Through the moongate you see a road to the east and mountains in the distance to the west. -> Britain

Through the moongate you see a small escarpment to the south and a large city to the North. -> Moonglow

Through the moongate you see what appears to be a small peninsula covered in lush foliage. -> Magincia

Through the moongate you see a small city to the south, while a vast ocean lies in all other directions. -> Skare Brae

Through the moongate you see a large sandstone city standing on a far bank of the river to the north. -> Trinsic

Through the moongate you can just make out a road to the southwest and a river to the north. -> Minoc, Vesper

Through the moongate you see deep forest on all sides. -> Yew

Through the moongate you see a vast body of water to the east while to the west a city can be seen nearby. -> Jhelom


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