November 2001 has been the starting-date for the new Bulk-Order-Deeds. The idea was to give blacksmith the possibilty to gain fame, get new items (by delivering items to NPCs) and implement a gold-sink.
November 2001 war das Startdatum für die neuen Bulk-Order-Deeds. Die Idee dahinter war den Schmieden eine Möglichkeit für das Erlangen von Fame zu geben, neue Gegenstände (durch das Liefern von Gegenständen an NPCs) und die Einführung einer Goldvernichtungs-Möglichkeit.
Last updated: 05.12.2001 - original data collected by Gwenwhyfar (MoT) - translation by Umbramen (MoT)


What is a Bulk Order Deed?

Bulk Order Deeds were introduced, in order to enable to the players new possibilities of trading with NPC vendors. At present this system is available only for blacksmithes, with success it will be available for other occupational groups, too.

How to get a Bulk Order Deed?

You can get a Bulk Order Deed by selling goods to a NPC blacksmith. The type of this commodity is arbitrary and reaches from simple iron ingots up to magic weapons.
By selling one of these articles there is a chance for an offer of a Bulk Order Deed by the vendor. After accepting the job, the deed appears in your bagpack and you are able to get all necessary informations by douple-clicking the deed.
Example: 15 Heater/ normal / Iron
this means, you have to make 15 heater shields of iron in normal quality for the blacksmith.

Which deeds are avaible?

There are two different types of deeds:

1. Small Bulk Order
To fulfill a small bulk order one have to manufacture a certain number of articles. There are deeds with 10/15/20 items, type and quality of the items varies.

2.Large Bulk Order
With these deed it is necessary to combine several small orders with the large order.
I.e. one gets an order of 10 plate sets of normal quality in iron. Now you have to collect all necessary small deeds for this order (helm, gorget, breast, gloves, legs, arms) those the same request as the large have (plate, iron, normal quality). After filling the small deeds, one combines these with the large order.
This is the same function as the combineing of articles with a deed.

How to fulfill the job!

One fulfills the job by manufacturing the necessary items and combineing these items with the deed.
That means, you create an item, doubleclick on the deed, choose combine this deed with the item requested in the opening window and click on the item with the appearing target cursor.
After combineing all items with the deed in this way, you go back to the blacksmith, pull the deed on him and a fanfare sounds.
The job is done.

When do I get these deeds?

You get these Bulk Order Deeds by selling wares to a NPC blacksmith, with some special regulations:

- every blacksmith can get Small Bulk Orders
- only a blacksmith with a skill over 70 % Blacksmithing can get Large Bulk Orders
- blacksmithes with a skill under 70 % will never be able to get a deed for which exeptional items are required
- blacksmithes with a skill under 70 % will be able to get a Bulk Order Deed hourly
- blacksmithes with a skill over 70 % will be able to get a Bulk Order Deed every 6 hours

What is the reward for fulfilling such a job?

For fulfilling such a job a get a reward. This reward consists of three parts:

1. Gold
The gold value varies depending upon size and difficulty of the supply.

2. Fame
Even if you are a Lord you will get a lot of fame, that means, for a craftsman it is possible now to reach the famelevel of a Lord/Lady because of fulfilling several deeds.
How many deeds you need can only be estimate at the moment, one speaks about 30 fulfilled deeds.

3. Special Item
These items depends on the difficulty of the job, a harder job will deliver a better item, but there is a little bit luck, too.
Rewards are for example sturdy shovels/ pickaxes which have higher durability than normal shovels/ pickaxes, gloves raising your miningskill for 1 - 5 %, coloured forges and hammers for forging coloured weapons with magic attributes.
On Test Center a hammer should be seen for forging vanquishing weapons in valorite colour. Comments on the Dev Boards tells, there will be only 3 or 4 times a year such a hammer per shard.

Tips & Cheats

Because this system is new, there are new questions and experiences every day.
This part will grow over time to get a large collection of valuable hints.

- The quality of the deeds is accidental and don´t depends on the quality of the sold items, therefore it isn´t necessary to sell valuable items, ingots and boards are good enough
- Jobs asking for normal quality in iron can fulfilled by buying these items directly from a NPC blacksmith and filling the deed with these items. In most cases this will be the cheaper way.
- Deeds asking for items of normal quality can be filled with exceptional items
- Even if you decline an order, you can get the next one at the earliest in one/ six hours
- You can trade and exchange deeds with other players
- Deeds can be redeem at every NPC blacksmith
- It will be rather hard to fulfill a large bulk order, therefore you shall search for missing deeds on exchange- and tradingboards for bulk order deeds


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