Commands in UO

In addition of the different actions on mouseckick there are of course lots of commands available. You can find additional infos to some points in the library or the Q&A section.

location wording result
architect appraise The architect estimates the value of your housedeed. If the price is satisfactory, then you can simply drop the deed on him and the money is transferred to your bankaccount.
bank balance oder statement Announcement of the current money in bank.
bank Opens the bankaccount.
withdraw <sum> Withdraws the declared amount of money out of the bank.
escorts I will take thee The NPC waiting for an escort starts following..
destination The NPC waiting for an escort announces the wished destination.
factions What is my faction term status Shows the current faction status.
I honor your leadership Gives killpoints to another faction member
ferry I would like to cross The ferry of Skara Brae transports you on the other side.
mercenary & pets
<name> attack / <name> kill Attacks target
<name> come Comes to the player.
<name> drop Drops all items from his possesion.
<name> follow, <name> follow me Follows the target or the commanding player.
<name> friend Target is marked as friend and is now able to give commands too.
<name> guard, <name> guard me Guards target or commanding player.
<name> move Tries to step aside.
<name> patrol Patrols between the targets.
<name> stay Stands still.
<name> stop Stops his current task and stand still.
<name> transfer Transfers "ownership" to another target.
mercenary only
<name> hire Mercenary tells the daily fee for his services.
<name> report Mercenary reports his wealth status.
pets only
<name> release Pet is released and looses its taming flag.
<name> speak Pet gives tongue.
good <name> Pet makes a typical movement if it's happy.
guild <name> join Enters an NPC guild. The name must adress an NPC guildmaster.
<name> quit -or- <name> resign Leaves a NPC guild. The name must adress the NPC guildmaster.
I resign from my guild Leaves a player guild. This commando works everywhere, so use with care.
house I ban thee Creature will be banned from the house.
I wish to lock this down Item will be locked down in house.
I wish to release this Item will be unlocked in house.
I wish to secure this Container will be secured and locked down.
I wish to unsecure this Secure container will be freed.
I wish to place a trash barrel A trash barrel will be placed.
I wish to place a strongbox here A strongbox will be placed.
NPCs <name> move Causes an NPC to try to step aside.
<name> time NPC tells the current UO-time.
<name> what town is this NPC tells the name of the town.
<name> where is <target> NPC gives informations about the target. (target could be: town, shop, building or another player)
<name> train NPC tells a list of the skills it is able to train.
<name> train <skillname> NPC trains the named skill.
player I honor thee Player sacrifices 50 karmapoints to give the target gets 10 karmapoints.
I must consider my sins The murdercounts will be checked and per message dispayed.
shrines BAL Chaos Shrine: locks positive Karma
MU Compassion Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
AHM Honesty Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
SUMM Honor Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
LUM Humility Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
BEH Justice Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
CAH Sacrifice Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
OM Spirituality Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
RA Valor Shrine: unlocks negative Karma
speak ! (exclamation mark + blank + text) yells given text
: (colon + blank + text) emotes given text
; (semicolon + blank + text) whispers given text
stablemaster claim Stabled pets will be given out.
stable The stablemaster stables the targetted pet.
teleporter doracron Activates Serpent Pillars to switch to T2A.
recdu Activates teleporterfield in Moonglow to switch to T2A.
recsu Activates teleporterfield in Papua (T2A) to switch to old lands (Britannia).
sueacron Activates Serpent Pillars (T2A) to switch to old lands (Britannia).
map route
goto <positionnumber> Ship goes to the given position and follows the route from there.
nav Tillerman tells the next positionnumber.
single <positionnumber> Ship goes to the given position.
start / continue Ship starts or continues the route on the map.
drop anchor / raise anchor Drops or raises anchor.
forward / backward / left / right Ship sails in given direction.
forward (or any other direction) one Ship sails one tile in the given direction.
lower gangplank Ship lowers gangplank.
name Tillerman tells the ships name (same as clicking it)
set name <name> / remove name Sets the name of the ship or removes the name
slow forward (or any other direction) Ship sails slowly in the given direction..
stop Ship stops.
turn around Ship turns 180 degrees.
turn left / turn right Ship turns left or right.
towncryer news Towncryer tells the current news.
player owned
<name> buy -or- vendor buy Vendor sells targetted item.
<name> gold Vendor owner receives the earned gold from vendor.
<name> dismiss Vendor dies.
<name> status Vendor tells the amount of time he will still have enough money to work..
<name> buy -or- vendor buy Player buys from vendor
<name> sell -or- vendor sell Player sells to vendor
young I renounce my young player status Ends the young player status.
I resign from my quest Ends the current (young player) quest.


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