Jhelom Arena

What is this Arena for and what can you do there? Our Essay-Writer Anch - a passionate roleplayer - tries to answer these questions in an interesting essay ..

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That's how I train in the Jelholm Arena:

You have to take about 100 or more bandages with you. After that you get rid of all your armour and take care that you've nothing valuable in your bag.

Now you suicidally walk into the arena and attack at warmode and with empty hands one of the guards who wander around in there. You should especially take care that you're standing near the center of the arena because those impertinent guards even call for help! However...if you are doing it right that doesn't help them at all and you won't be hit of the flash.
Well... now you're grey. So you let your char do the work and beat your target. For hours....

Healing would be nice of course, because these louts kick your ass too.
Especially to one thing you should pay a lot of attention. You should choose your opponents wisely. They've got different weapons and armour. For beginners barefoot opponents are best, they have nothing in their hands.

But attention please! There are also macer or swordsman who can knock out beginners with one or two hits.

Most of the time I'm not alone at the beginning of the session and very often groups are building up who beat the crap out of one of these poor NPCs. You should read the words they are yelling. From moaning to praising your excellent fighting style to bad insults you'll get everything. At the same time a conversation starts among the guys who are practicing, with themes about giving-names to their figures, recipes or just trash about others.

You'll be GM in no time. Whether in Tactics or Wrestling.
There you can achieve a lot of success especially before your regularily Burst and even after that your skills raise very well. It's no matter if you're in Tramel or Felucca. You're grey, so you are a criminal for the time of your practice. To get some new bandages you should patiently wait in the center 'til you're blue again or you search for a supplier. As a criminal you'll get nothing at the bank or in a shop anyway.
Spanking at the most.

In the arena you can raise skills like wrestling, healing, anatomy, tactics and all the other weapon-skills. I haven't tried snooping and stealing on my own, but it should work, too. *giggel*

Well...one thing. Sometimes there are roleplayers, too. Talking of hordes of Drows or packs of Orcs. Always be polite then you won't get in their kitchenpot.

Yours, Anch


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